The Team

Jaimie Marie, Soul Doula

Certified Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Master Soul Guide, Spiritual Intuitive/Professional Medium, and Founder of Soul Bottom Wellness

Jaimie Marie is a natural born intuitive, soulful writer, public speaking enthusiast, and owner of Soul Bottom Wellness.  Her expertise resides in Advanced Energy Medicine and Spiritual Development of men and women ranging in age from 5 years old to their late 80’s.  Jaimie has been able to serve and facilitate healing for thousands of clients with healing the physical body of illnesses, emotional body of turmoil, and/or mental body of distress and fear. 


Her intuition and passion for true cellular level healing pours into every client she journey’s with.  This connection allows clients to achieve a pathway back to a deeper connection with self, family, nourishment, and the greater community.  Jaimie achieves this through individual and group sessions, using Advanced Energy Medicine, Intuitive Energetic Mapping, Zone Energy Balancing, and Intuitive Soul Guidance work.  The integration of these modalities into a client’s life allows chaos to settle, feeling deep healing, and for true happiness to begin. 


 “Every day is an opportunity to expand our hearts and learn how to feed our mind, body and soul, deeply, with the divine love we were all created from”. – Jaimie Marie